Afrikan Stars

Afrikan Star

Where events start is not necessarily where they begin, and so it is with this story. It could begin with Marvel and Plan-B performing KRS-ONE's 'Love's Gonna Getcha' for a school talent showcase audition - two 11 year olds busting rhymes on stage with no mic or beat but still holding the whole hall's attention. Or it could begin with the day when a musical father decides to teach his son how to play traditional Malawian songs on the acoustic guitar - the first experience the young Q had of controlling sound. Or should we start with the first scribbles of pen on pad as Linguistix realises he has something to tell the world? These were all different paths that converged at a place called 'The Real Elements'.

The Real Elements a Malawian group made up of 3 MCs - Linguistix, Marvel, Plan-B-and a producer - Q. In Malawi they are nationally known and have had airplay nation-wide on radio and television. Their first release as a group was a 4 song E.P entitled 'The I Came E.P' which featured the song 'I came' as it's focal point. 'I Came' was the first song Marvel and Q ever did together and was the beginning of 'The Real Elements as a group. The group then moved onto recording the album 'Afrikan Star'. Set for release in Malawi before year end 2001, it should also be available internationally via the internet.

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The Elements are currently operating from the U.k where Q is studying music.However they often travel between Europe and Malawi to record and perform. For more info you can contact them on