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Artist: Rubberoom
Album: Architechnology
Label: 3-2-1 Records and Indus-One
Production: Fanum ,The Isle of Weight as The Opus
Guests: S.P.O, Thawfor, Path, Juice, Kenny.B, Verb and Shame, Luv Tempo
Stats: 2000; 16 tracks @ 74mins:11secs
Reviewed by: Buddha Smurf aka Prince Ramses IV

Having emerged from 6 years of relative obscurity, Rubberoom deliver a (roughly) polished diamond. 'Architechnology' gives you the impression of devastation, terror, fear and doom.

Right from the first heavy bass tremble (symbolising chaos) this album hits you hard and straight. Be warned if you are a mellow head - don't even bother looking at this album, it is raw, very raw. The production is tight, dare I say that even DJ Premiere would have to acknowledge this. As for the lyrics... Rubberoom sum it up best themselves when they say 'I hope they're ready for war, stomach the gore, settle the score with ryhme's galore'.

Emcee Isle of Weight has to be the ringleader of this crew - his rough KRS style makes every track on this album an instant favourite but don't think Lumba, Meta Mo and Fanum can't equal him.

If these cats are what Hip-Hop will become I hope I'm there. "Filling the void independently". [7/10]

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