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Artist: People Under the Stairs
Album: Question in the Form of an Answer
Label: OM records
Production: Thes One and Double K
Guests Capn' Kidd Lexus and Jazmak

22 tracks @73.01mins
release date 2000

Reviewed by: Buddha Smurf

"'93-style Hip-Hop with that '73-style funk 'til 2033"

This is a perfect description of PUTS [People Under The Stairs]. Thes One and Double K... producers, MCs, DJ's, creative directors, label owners - you name it, they do it.
From the first beat on 'Crazy Live' I got a similar feeling to the vibe on Common Sense's 'Like Water like Chocolate' - the laid back 70's style funk beats coupled with jazzy riffs which make this an exciting venture into Hip-Hop. The album is laced with old skool samples which I subsequently discovered Thes one and Double K use for the beats on all their tracks.

"Kool Herc wasn't rocking jams with a keyboard. He had doubles of rare funk with dope breaks, and Hip-Hop was born."

Their lyrics are in the classic underground West coast blunt-smoking vein. The interludes are thankfully very clever - cut up skits from classic Afro-American movies like "Hitman". You will no doubt recognise the classic lines at the end of 'Suite for a Creeper', which also happens to be one of my personal favourite tracks on the album. It is all about a heist delivered in an amusing tone and the crew sport extremely clever flows. Thes One casts himself as the main micmaster and Double K comes up sounding like he's on a cellie - together they flow and complement each other extremely well.

'Give love a chance' is dope as hell - this is just the tonic for you if you're having tussles with your partner.If you ain't feelin this ya be dead yo ...word! The critically acclaimed single 'The Cat' is everything a classic Hip-Hop track should be - dope beats, smooth lyrics, neat scratches etc. This track is all about the cat who is in all of us ...the cat who is a part of this culture called Hip-Hop [8/10]

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