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Artist: LTJ Bukem
Album: Progression Sessions
Label: Good Looking
Production: Bukem
Guests: MC's Conrad & DRS
Stats: 2000
Reviewed by: Mass Dosage

LTJ is back with another in his "Progression Sessions" series where he lays down a variety of Bukemesque tunes with MC's (Conrad and DRS in this case) dropping lyrics over them. While Drum and Bass MC's are often criticised for not holding it down lyrically and verbally compared to their Hip-Hop cousins, Conrad and DRS actually do a pretty good job of it. Their flows suit the tracks and the lyrics are not as nonsensical as many other Drum and Bass tracks out there. Bukem does a decent job of blending the tracks together, but doesn't do anything spectacular in the mixing department, This is a bit disappointing coming from a DJ as well known as he is. Another let-down is that a number of the songs sound remarkably similar and this monotony does become noticeable. Production wise the tracks have that layered, atmospheric feel typical of Bukem, turning them from predictable beats into musical soundscapes. "Progression Sessions" is a solid, well-produced offering that inhabits the uncomfortable middle ground between Drum and Bass that one chills out to, and that which one gets up and parties to. [6.5/10]

[This review was also published in SL Magazine]

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