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Artist: Del the Funky Homosapien
Album: Both Sides of the Brain
Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Production: Del
Stats: 2000; 17 tracks @ 73:44 mins
Reviewed by: Artiphackx aka Sokrateez

This is Del's fourth album, his previous release ('Future Development') was released exclusively over the web, and he now finds himself aiming to improve his distribution (and sales). "I would be happy with 100,000 records sold" he says, "I'd be making four dollars on each."

On 'Both sides of the brain' Del keeps his distance from the most typical of rhyme styles, stressing a real artist dealing with real situations to the best of his very real abilities. He brings forth a poetic presence, rhyming about everything from Joe Piscapo to the Hobbit. Del once again proves that he is one of Hip-Hop's most abstract MC's. There are a few guests featured on this album including EL-P from the Company Flow, Casual and A-plus from the Hiero click and Prince Paul. Production-wise, Del has taken the old Hieroglyphic-styled beats and flipped them into a more complex, galactic 2000 soundscape.

Del proves that he is back in the game with this release, and he cements his status as rap's staunchly independent lord of the underground - and perhaps the best rapper you've never heard of. [7.5/10]

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