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Artist: Bahamadia
Album: BB Queen
Label: Goodvibe
Production: N/A
Guests: Planet Asia, Chops, Rasco, DJ Revoloution, Dwele, Slum Village
Stats: 7 tracks @ 25mins.47secs
release date - 2000
Reviewed by: Buddha Smurf aka Pez

After hearing Bahamadia's debut album 'Kollage' I was an instant fan. So, when I heard there was a new Bahamadia album droppin' in the two triple zero ...I immediately put it on order. Subsequent to that I discovered it was not a full length album but an EP. I was slightly disappointed with this - one would think that after 4 years she would've had come up with more than 7 tracks...

On the other hand, 'BB Queen' gives the listener a sniff of what to expect from her next full length album. The 7 track piece starts off with the dopest musical intro I've heard in a while, followed by 'Special Forces' feat. Planet Asia, Rasco, Chops and DJ Revoloution on the decks. This is a good album-opener and is also the most 'bop your head' track on the EP.

From there on in it's all classic Bahamadia - 'Commonwealth' to 'One-4-teen (funky for you)' feat. Slum village to 'Beautiful Things' - this MC will put many of her male colleagues to shame with her lyrical waxing and witty whispers....

'Follow my lead as I delve into channels of chi affix harmony inwardly naturally Sole purpose on the physical plane is to master my mind soul spirit and anatomy ' is a case in point of her formiddable rhyme skills.

The only letdown (if i can call it that) is the last track, 'Pep talk'. This is no doubt the follow up to her collabo with drum 'n bass heavy weight Roni Size, but hey it's 'dia - no matter what she spits over it's generally tight. [7.5/10]

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