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Artist: Redman and Method Man
Album: Blackout!
Label: Def Jam
Production: Erick Sermon, Reggie Noble, RZA, Rockwilder, others.
Guests: Ja Rule, Ghostface Killa, Street Life, others
Stats: 1999; 19 tracks
Reviewed by: Mass Dosage

Ever since I first heard them rhyme together, I wondered if Redman and Method Man would make full use of their obvious synergy and record an album together. Well, said album has arrived and it is all that and more than I expected (especially considering that both MC's' recent releases were a little disappointing). Blackout has a nice wide range of production and styles and gives the listener a taste of the past (Checka, How High), the present (Tear it off) and the future (Da Rockwilder). Redman and Meth vibe off each other's flows and confirm the fact that this collaboration album was a very, very good idea. [8/10]

[This review was also published in SL magazine]

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