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Artist: Mountain Brothers
Album: Self :Volume1
Production: Chops the Illadelphiasiatic superproducer
Stats: 1999; 19 tracks
Reviewed by: Buddha Smurf AKA verbal torture

From the intro right through to the finale this album rocks, the beats are the kind for driving in your car at 10km a hour, low riding or for just chilling at home in your slippers, robe, white socks and b-ball cap slightly tilted to the East. The lyrics are on point especially 'Day Jobs' - a track describing how day jobs suck, something a lot of people will be able to relate to. But as with all things there has to be one 'er that's allright' twist to this album - the last track 'Oh-Oh-Oh' gets on my nerves, the old skool beats and the style of the Mountain Brothers don't gel quite as tightly as the rest of the album. The packaging is also ahead of the pack, it's like a mini Lyricist Lounge and just as tight. 'Self' is one of those rare projects that is incredible from end to end. So if you want to get away from all the commercial wackness and start listening to something funky, good and underground I highly recommend it. [9/10]

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