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Artist: Mizchif
Album: Life from all angles
Label: Eargasm
Production: Caramel, Mizchif, Richard the 3rd, Otis Frasier
Guests: TK
Stats: 1999; 8 Tracks at 38mins:15secs
Reviewed by: Eitan Prince

Zimbabwean born, US-educated and South African-based Mizchif brings us the second EP offering from independent label, Eargasm. Not only does he serve the ear with nine impressive tracks, he also 'brings' it with mad attitude. And it's that attitude, confidence and near arrogance that separates Mizchif, the MC, from other pretenders.

If there's one thing that makes a lyricist listenable it's a combination of a tight flow, witty lyrics and charisma on the microphone. In all honesty, Mizchif is not lacking in any of these attributes, so what about the EP? "All the Areas" fires the opening blow, as Mizchif rocks smoothly, matching lyrics with every kick and snare of this Caramel-produced beat. Content-wise, there isn't much to really blow the mind here, as it's the typical MC-braggadocio and shout-outs to "all my heads out there/giving me support/all the way from PE/East London, New York Ports/all the areas in between of all sorts." Following this, is the self-produced "Fashionable", which has really been Mizchif's most exposed single to date. It is also possibly the weakest track on the mini-album, with its stripped-down beats, lame guitar-sample and some of Mizchif's least impressive flows.

Luckily, "Mizchivius Bizness" resurrects matters on the sonic front, with nicely layered, busy production that blends solid drum patterns and funky guitar samples, while Mizchif rides the beat rodeo- style and holds your attention for the full four minutes. "Place For a Wife" is the mandatory 'ode to the ladies', that is steadily becoming cliché, especially since Mizchif doesn't offer anything new to the concept. The last two vocal tracks however, are amongst the phattest on the EP. On "Life from all Angles", Mizchif drops knowledge in the style of Talib Kweli's "Manifesto". This is in fact one of the rare tracks where Mizchif has a very focused agenda - warning of the vagaries of crime and promiscuity - and he sounds more purposeful as a result. The "Fashionable" remix ditches the bland sound of the original, and increases the intensity with a banging dancehall-style beat that would rock dancefloors from the Cape to California and Johannesburg to Japan.

There's no doubting Mizchif's skills or his appeal, while he also possesses a rare quality in being able to remain on beat without 'dumbing' down his lyrics. Simultaneously, he has much potential, but rarely deals with real content and seems rather pre-occupied with his charisma, instead opting for freestyle-like rhymes that only whet the appetite. So, yes, I look forward to a full Mizchif album, but I hope he adds some issues to that attitude. [7/10]

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