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Artist: The High & Mighty
Album: Home Field Advantage
Label: Rawkus/Eastern Conference
Production: Mighty Mi, The Alchemist, Reef
Guests: Pharoahe Monch, Evidence, Defari, Mos Def, Mad Skillz, Eminem, Cage, Kool Keith, What? What?, Bobbito Garcia, Wordsworth, Thirstin Howl III
Stats: 1999, 19 tracks
Reviewed by: Eitan Prince aka Supafly

This is actually the second release (but their first on Rawkus) by this Illadelph duo of Mr Eon, on the mic, and Mighty Mi, behind the boards. Carrying the "underground flag" - Independent as fuck - the group surprisingly comes with a style of production that borders on jiggy, but avoids cliche and staleness. If anything, this effort really suffers in the lyrics department, where Mr Eon's precise flow and raspy vocals simply are not enough to cover up his lyrical shortcomings. Thankfully - in the tradition of modern rap releases - there are enough quality guest appearances to save the album when Eon gets a little unlistenable.

Still there's little new here as far as content is concerned. Mr Eon generally plays the role of MC/comedian, which works on occasion - Hands On Experience (an ode to wanking of all things) being the exception - but his persona and lyrical stylings just never find a perfect balance on this album. Don't get me wrong, you'll certainly find reason to laugh on this album, but probably not as Eon intended.

This effort is exclusively carried by the beats and standout performances by guests like Mos Def, Wordsworth and Evidence. This is enough to make the album a worthwhile purchase. Just don't expect a classic.

Standout tracks: Dirty Decibels, B-Boy Document '99, Open Mic Night (remix). [6.5/10]

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