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Artist: Gang Starr
Album: Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr
Label: Noo Trybe/Virgin
Production: DJ Premier, Guru
Stats: 1999; Disc 1: 16 tracks @ 63mins:45secs
Disc 2: 17 tracks @ 59mins:06secs
Reviewed by: Eitan Prince

Where does one start with such a monstrous compilation of quality Gang Starr tracks?

Firstly, I have to declare my personal bias as a Gang Starr fan. Hence, I was always going to purchase this album and I was almost inevitably going to like it. This double cd features just about every Gang Starr single (with notable omissions from their early work on the "No More Mr Nice Guy" album), as well as rare B-side tracks and remixes. Nevertheless, the G-A-N-G have manage to compile a comprehensive collation of tracks that epitomise a decade of dominance and dedication to hip hop.

This two album set starts off with two new tracks, "Full Clip" and "Discipline" and then immediately dips into the jazz-driven 1989 single, "Words I Manifest", before toning things down with the laid-back "Ex Girl to Nexy Girl" (1992). Surprisingly, a number of 1998's "Moment of Truth" album found their way onto this compilation, whereas the lesser "Royalty" and "Betrayal" were prefered over the the older classic, "Lovesick".

All pettiness aside though, this album is simply a truly dope compilation of Gang Starr tracks that are either classic or straight up dope, with very few mediocre moments. The King of Monotone and producer Primo are more than deserving of the kudos given and this album is a must for the discerning, hip hop listener appreciative of no-frills, plainly-stated lyrics, over some of the illest beats of the decade.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Full Clip, Militia II, Jazz Thing (Video Remix), Mass Appeal, DWYCK.

RECOMMENDED? Heads who already have the albums and singles may pass this over. Still this is strongly recommended. Gang Starr til 2009. [9/10]

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