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Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Album: The Anthology
Label: BMG/Jive
Production: Tribe, Ummah
Stats: 1998; 19 tracks
Reviewed by: Mass Dosage

Summing up a 10 year career that was as successful as Tribe's was is no easy feat, especially considering the fact that they have a place in Hip-Hop's history books as one of the best groups of all time. "The Anthology" takes you through ATCQ's maturation into a Hip-Hop supergroup with tracks ranging from the diffident "Luck of Lucien" through the hyped-up "Scenario" to the head-nodding "Electric Relaxation" and "Find a way". Any real Tribe head will probably miss a personal favourite that didn't make it onto this compilation, but on the whole it does a fine job of capturing the milestones along the paths of rhythm that they travelled along. [9/10]

[This review was also published in SL magazine]

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