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Artist: Afrika Bambaataa
Album: Electro Funk Breakdown
Label: DMC/Moonshine
Stats: 1999; 15 tracks
Reviewed by: Mass Dosage

Afrika Baambaata proves to be an outstanding choice for this, the final United DJ's of America compilation of the century. Bam was around when Hip-Hop was born and has been actively involved in the electro scene for decades. On "Electro funk breakdown" he artfully mixes up a number of tracks which will probably be unknown to todays electronica trendies. While some of the tracks do sound a bit cheesy and dated, one has to respect them for what they represent - foundations for a lot of other electonic music. Bam's mixing is on point and I thoroughly enjoyed being taken on a journey through electro funk and looped old school vocal samples. [7/10]

[This review was also published in SL magazine]

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