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Artist: Brasse Vannie Kaap
Album: B.V.K.
Label: Ghetto Ruff
Production: Boeta D (Ready D), Shaheen, H-Bomb (Hugh Mulenga)
Guests: Devious
Stats: 1998; 16 tracks
Reviewed by: Eitan Prince

Gamtaal has arrived! Cape Town's Brasse make their debut with this effort released on the independent Ghetto Ruff label. The B.V.K. formula is simple but effective: lyrics in gamtaal (Afrikaans slang), funky beats and sparse production. The crew consisting of three MC's Hama, MC Fat and Boeta D paint a vivid picture with lyrics with as much flavour as hot tomato bredie. The album carries a feel-good vibe throughout with more serious touches, while still maintaining a social awareness slant on tracks such as "Afkoel" (alcoholism) and "Jy Smaak My" (the problems of cross-class relationships). Listening to this CD in its entirety however reveals the shortcoming of this effort - the similar pace of most of the tracks. The listener isn't offered any variation until track fourteen with the jazzy, slow paced "Kaap Van Storms" and melodic "Don't Play Games" (featuring Ghetto Ruff labelmates Mr Devious and D-Low). And while the predominantly sparse production is disappointing, BVK will still hold your attention with catchy word-play and abrasive attitudes. That said, if you're a South African Hip Hop head this is a must own.

And for those who need to know the standout tracks:
"F.N.T.B." (something for the road), the pumping "Binne Jou Mind" and "Wat Kry Jy" and the sheer funk of "Laat Dit Rik". [7.5/10]

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