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Artist: Black Noise
Album: Hip Hop Won't Stop
Label: NebulaBOS
Production: Black Noise, Mike-T Frank
Guests: Mike-T Frank
Reviewed by: Eitan Prince

Hip Hop Won't Stop is the title of Black Noise's third CD release. The Cape Town crew continue promoting Hip Hop culture, although this time with a few personnel changes. Interestingly most of the tracks on this album were out a year earlier on the cassette-only release called "Questions". This offer however, also includes tracks off their second release "Rebirth" and makes for good listening. In typical Black Noise style they provide a myriad of sounds associated with Hip Hop culture, throwing in R&B flavoured tracks along with knowledge dropping tracks like "Questions", "So-Called Coloured" and "Summercrime". The messages vary too: the opening track "Questions" looks at at social conditions and religious beliefs over a slow paced, but funky track, laced with smooth vocals. The rhymes get harder on "Skills" as they mock local MC's who imitate their US counterparts. The beat on this joint really pounds, but at 7 minutes drags on too long. The rest of the album probes issues affecting Black urban youth in South Africa, and Black Noise succeed in hitting the nerve on most tracks. A reasonably nice effort showing a progression from their previous efforts - now if only they would get radio play.[6/10]

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