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Artist: Public Enemy
Album: Fear of a black planet
Label: Def Jam
Production: The Bomb Squad
Guests: Big Daddy Kane,Ice Cube
Stats: 1990; 20 tracks
Reviewed by: Mass Dosage

Public Enemy’s third album saw them at the height of their career as one of Hip-Hop’s most successful politically conscious groups. This album covers huge amounts of ground - packed to the gills with energy rousing militant anthems (“Fight the power”, “Brothers gonna work it out”), social commentary (“911 is a joke”, “Burn Hollywood Burn”), a sense of humour (“Can’t do nuttin for ya man”), skits that sound fresh even more than a decade later and even the artwork on the cover is dope! The aural backdrop of sirens, sound effects, samples and tight beats was the Bomb Squad’s finest, most mature production work ever. Lyrically Chuck and Flav are unmatched in putting a powerful message together without sounding corny. Required listening for anyone who claims to be a Hip-Hop head. [10/10]

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